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I am from Watonga, Oklahoma and a graduate of SWOSU and NSU College of Optometry. I love volunteering with amazing women and serving our community. We always have so much fun at our events, and great friendships are made.
I am an optometrist at Stillwater Vision Clinic, and I love getting to help people see the world! I also enjoy serving as a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. In addition to volunteering with JSL, I also enjoy serving the community through my Lifegroup and Young Professionals of Stillwater. I’m looking forward to this next JSL year and can’t wait to see what’s to come!


Member since 2013

I am married to Daniel and mother of two beautiful children, Ethan and Ellie. I am originally from Florida, and carry two degrees from the University of Florida, so I'm a gator through and through, although I also root for OSU athletics after living here since early 2004. I enjoy knitting, sewing, baking, time spent with family and friends, and helping the community through First United Methodist Church, the Stillwater school system, and especially Junior Service League of Stillwater. 
I joined JSL to give back and help make a difference in other people's lives, and have an special fondness for the Harvest II food drive, which I have chaired in the past. My personal motto is “helping others brings a smile to my face and makes the world a better place”.


Member since 2012

I am originally from Kansas, and my family and I have also lived in Iowa, Illinois and Texas. We moved to Stillwater eleven years ago and we have enjoyed making it our home. My husband and I have three boys. I enjoy coaching volleyball, going to my kids’ activities and spending time with my family. 

I joined Junior Service League in 2012 because I wanted to volunteer in ways that would help my community. What I found in JSL was a lot more. I met new people, made new friends and have enjoyed working together to plan events and projects. I have chaired Harvest II, Operation Christmas, and Mix and Mingle. I have also enjoyed chairing committees in Harvest II, Operation Christmas and the Scorcher. I have many wonderful memories working not only with JSL members but also with all of the different groups, businesses and individuals in our community that come together to help with our projects.


Member Since 2016

My name is Sara, I am currently the Provisionals (New JSL Members) Co-Chair and the Crisis Intervention Co-Chair. My family moved to Stillwater 5 years ago, and I joined JSL as a way to meet other service-oriented women and to learn more about organizations that serve our community. I have been amazed at the amount of sharing, caring and support that there is here in Stillwater! My husband and I have been married 10 years, and we have 2 fun and energetic little boys. Prior to becoming a mom, I was an elementary school teacher. Currently, I work part-time at the First United Methodist Early Childhood Center. In my limited free time, I love to sew, read, and watch movies at home!


Member since 2014

I am married to Darrin and we have three children, Taylor-23 (currently serving in the U.S. Army), Luke-11 and Emmalee-7. I am currently working part time as a registered nurse for Stillwater Medical Center. My hobbies are reading, fitness and doing all the things "mom's" do! 
I was born here in Stillwater so serving this community is special to me as I was a single mom at one point and received some of these services. Being able to return this favor is amazing. 
This is my fifth year serving in Junior Service League. What I love most about JSL is seeing how such a small group of ladies can make such a HUGE difference! I have also met some incredible women whom I now call friends!


Member Since 2017

I’ve always been drawn to volunteerism and love that Junior Service League gives me the opportunity to serve on a variety of projects. It’s also important to me that my children learn the value of helping others and there are many ways I can involve them. This is my second year in JSL and highly recommend it for women dedicated to serving their community, this is a great way to use your individual talents to benefit others.


Member Since 2012

I am originally from Ponca City but have lived in Stillwater since 2006. I am the Prospective Student Coordinator for the College I Education, Health and Aviation at OSU. My passion is helping others-whether that be the community of Stillwater or helping students find their fit in college. I joined JSL in 2012 and never looked back. I’ve served as chair for numerous projects but my biggest claim to fame would be serving as the co-creator of the Scorcher Half Marathon and 5K. To be able to successfully help create a project and continue to watch it thrive is very humbling. My other greatest contribution to JSL was serving as President in 2016-2017. JSL is an amazing organization to get involved in. I’m proud to be a part of this group knowing what amazing things these (busy) women accomplish every year!


Member since 2017

Netflix describes me as irreverent, witty, dark and melancholy. Buzzfeed describes me as Rapunzel, a milkshake, and the color teal. People describe me as shy and quiet, but I’m just trying to not creep them out by my weirdness. I am an emergency/trauma nurse, currently working for Integris Health. I am also currently trying to set the record for the slowest completion of a masters degree in Nursing Education. I have been married to Lantz for 17 years, and have two daughters, Lauren and Charlotte. Lauren is a 9th grader at Stillwater Junior High, and Charlotte is at Stillwater Middle in the 6th grade. I have moved 20 times in my 39 years on the Earth, and no, my parents are not military. We have been in Stillwater since 2014. It seems like we are staying put, so I joined JSL to meet new people and get involved in the community. I enjoy are reading, eating, baking, all things travel, fixating over random things, like why it is acceptable to spell gray two different ways, and obsessively planning everything.


Member Since 2015

I’ve called Stillwater my home since 2003. My husband and I have been married more than 13 years and we have three children. Our family appreciates international travel, culture and food. We often host guests from around the globe for a meal or overnight stay. I enjoy exploring, creating, designing, working with my hands and learning new things. Some of my hobbies are crochet, writing, gardening, bread baking, and carpentry. I don’t necessarily like doing the same thing over and again for too long at a time, but I always come back around in cycles to the things I love. You could say I’m a jack-of-all-trades, and I enjoy starting new things or improving upon existing ideas, growing them to the next step and handing them off to someone who loves to manage or carry it on once it’s going stronger. My passion is connecting people with resources and relationships to discover their purpose and flourish in it wherever they’re at in seasons of life. So, you will find that my community volunteer looks different from one season to the next, but I truly enjoy helping people, wherever my skills, or my hands, can be put to use. I’m grateful for the privilege to serve alongside such incredible women in Stillwater JSL. This organization has opened my eyes to so many local opportunities to pool resources together and make a meaningful impact on the world right on our doorstep.


Member Since 2012

This Texas girl never really thought Oklahoma would be home...but here I am! We've lived in Stillwater for 10 years and it has been a wonderful place to raise our family. I've had a few career opportunities that I've loved over the years - my first job out of college was with the US Ski and Snowboard Team; a downtown hotel and a destination resort spa rounded out my hospitality event experience; now, I'm a Realtor with Real Estate Professionals. I've enjoyed them all! I joined JSL by invitation of a friend and didn't really know what you expect....some volunteer work, some meetings and maybe a little social time. It's been all of that and so much more. I have met women that have the strength of an army and the heart of a saint. This is my 7th year in JSL and I've served as everything from Harvest II Chair, Executive Committee Member, to overall worker bee. My time volunteering has been very fulfilling and I'm truly grateful my friend's invitation opened the door to such meaningful service.


Member since 2017

I consider Stillwater my hometown. I graduated from Stillwater High School and Oklahoma State University. I have been married to my husband for 15 years today. We have two amazing children, Olivia & Elijah. I am employed as a Broker Associate with Stillwater Realty Unlimited. 
I have donated my time to help our local schools and I am the current Stillwater Middle School PTA President. I enjoy serving with the Stillwater Junior Service League, and I value their long standing community programs and dedication to helping our local children. It is so encouraging to see such a varied group of women working together and supporting one another to lift others up within our community. I appreciate the time I have spent with JSL and am proud that my children get to work with us & get to see such compassion and hard work.


Active since 2010

I am originally from Bartlesville, Oklahoma and have lived in Stillwater for 25 years. This is my 8th year of membership in JSL and I have really enjoyed serving the community and meeting some wonderful woman. I have a Bachelor in Music and I am still paying for it! I have been singing with the Stillwater Chamber Singers for 17 years. I am an optometric assistant for an eye Doctor here in town. I also enjoy attending CrossFit 3 times a week. I hate burpees! I have been married to my husband Bryan Larison for 22 years. He is the director of Lions Meadows of Hope foster care community. We have 3 girls, Keely is 18 and is attending OSU as a freshman. Hanna is 15 and is a sophomore at Perkins Tyron. Alia is 12 and is in 7th grade. We have a mini golden doodle named Dusty and 11 chickens. My children have named all the chickens but I don’t keep track of that. It has been an honor to serve alongside each one of the women of JSL.

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